About company

SIVUS s.r.o. is a company primarily focused on providing agricultural services of the highest technical and technological level, supplements for farmers and trade in agricultural commodities. We constantly strive to meet our customers' requirements and demands. We are always looking for new innovations and new solutions in order to be able to offer our customers only the best service in the required time and fully satisfy their wishes and requirements.

Our goal is to provide quality

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Offered services:

  •     Precision agriculture
  •     Sensor for soil profile mapping
  •     Precise application of industrial fertilizers and limestone
  •     Precise application of slurry, digestate and stillage
  •     Manure spreading including loading
  •     Baling of hay and straw
  •     Harvesting with forage harvester - haylage, GPS, corn
  •     Transport and handling\
  •     Hoeing of corn and sunflower
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